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    Meet your Therapist Jacqueline


    I am Jacqueline Pickens and I am a licensed clinical social worker with a desire to help you get to your BEST DAYS.  I have many years of social work experience and am well prepared to provide evidence based therapy. I am here because I know it can be hard. there are days where you don’t know if you will make it through. Our society faces so much hurt and devastation, it is impossible for one to be able to cope without support.

    I created this business so that I can be that support for those who need it. Whether you are a new mom or thinking about a career change, I am here to help.

    I dedicate myself to helping others no matter the circumstances they are facing. I having experience in providing people with the resources they need to address not just their mental health needs but also needs in their daily living such as access to food, housing, and being able to do more than survive. I believe in the support a therapist provides to an individual and I want to be that for you.

    My goal is for my sessions to be a safe space for all of my clients and to be able to provide them with the tools to succeed in life. You can do anything you drive to do, let me be a guide and help you go towards your best life.

    I look forward to working with you!

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    My Values

    What matters to me most when working with you


    All communication and sessions with me are completely confidential and HIPPAA compliant.


    My sessions will strive for you to feel comfortable to BE YOU. I care about what is important to you.


    I will never judge or criticize you in our sessions. This is not just a job, I truly care for you and will do my best to help you achieve your goels.


    I care for our community and strive for all barriers we all face to be broken down so that everyone has a chance to live a fulfilling life.

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